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asoiaf voice meme
  • Name and url 
  • Which house are you from?
  • Favorite Character?
  • Favorite Book?
  • Favorite Sigil and Words?
  • Who do you think will sit on the Iron Throne in the end?
  • Shaggydog, Greywind, Summer, Lady, Nymeria or Ghost?
  • Would you join the Nights Watch?
  • Most hated character?
  • Khaleesi or Queen?
  • Dragons or Direwolves?
  • Which god(s) do you pray to?
  • Favorite Stark.
  • Favorite Lannister.
  • Favorite Baratheon.
  • Favorite Greyjoy.
  • Favorite Targaryen.
  • Favorite Martell.
  • Favorite Tully.
  • Favorite male character.
  • Favorite female character.
  • Your official otp in the series (canon, not canon who cares right?).
  • Which character(s) would you want to have POV chapters?
  • Least favorite book in the series.
  • Song that reminds you of a character/ship/etc.
  • Culture that you’re interested in.
  • Which castle would you live in?
  • Any pre-asoiaf event/character you want to know more about.
  • How long do you think you would last in the game of thrones?
  • Who do you want to sit on the Iron Throne in the end?
  • Least favorite Stark.
  • Least favorite Lannister.
  • Least favorite Baratheon.
  • Least favorite Greyjoy.
  • Least favorite Targaryen.
  • Least favorite Martell.
  • Least favorite Tully.
  • Least favorite male character.
  • Least favorite female character.
  • OTP that makes you cringe.
  • Which character(s) would you replace for another character to have a POV chapter?
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  1. jamie-justine said: I CAAAANT with how softspoken you are while calling people assholes and motherfuckers ahahahahahahaha, you are a treasure <3
  2. abovetheskyline said: your voice cleansed me of my impurities tbh + I agree with everything stated here too + your English is good girl
  3. gemini05 said: you speak better english than my mom who’s been here for like 35 years haha
  4. bolboboggons said: ur so qt omg bless
  5. queenireneattolia said: OMG YOU SOUND SO CUTE. I AM DYING
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